CFI-Initial Resources



The CFI Instrument checkride may be a little confusing to approach because the regulations for the requirements are not as clear (in my opinion) as other checkrides. I have included several resources below to help you organize the documents your DPE may want to see and it will help to make you look well composed and prepared which are great characteristics for a CFI-I.

For more information see the relevant parts of the FAR/AIM (this list is not comprehensive):

  • § 61.183(g)  Eligibility Requirements
  • § 61.187(b)(7) Flight proficiency.
  • § 61.189 Flight instructor records.
  • § 61.191 Additional flight instructor ratings.
  • § 61.193 Flight instructor privileges.
  • § 61.195 Flight instructor limitations and qualifications.
  • § 61.197 Renewal requirements for flight instructor certification.
  • § 61.199 Reinstatement requirements of an expired flight instructor certificate.

Written Exam

For the Instrument Add-On to a CFI certificate, a written exam must be scheduled through PSI that is $175:

  1. Flight Instructor Instrument (FII, 50 questions)

Note: You do not need an endorsement to take this exam.

As with the rest of the written exams, Sheppard Air is the best way to study for these.


To become a Certificated Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII) for Airplanes, you must have the following qualifications (§ 61.183):

  • Be at least 18 and speak English
  • Hove a Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Have an Instrument Rating
  • Receive ground instruction in Fundamental of Instruction
  • Pass the written exam: Flight Instructor Instrument
  • Pass the practical test

Ground Log

Your DPE may ask to see a ground log to verify you received that appropriate training for the endorsements according to § 61.183(g) and § 61.187(b)(7). Here is an example ground log.

FARs, ACs, and Documents to be Familiar With

Here is a list of relevant FARs, ACs, and Documents it may be beneficial to cite on your checkride. This list is not comprehensive and you should still consult all relevant documents that might pertain to the certificate.

CFI Endorsements

There are a total of SIX endorsements for the CFI initial checkride per AC 61-65H. Two of them are strange because they are endorsements for the knowledge exams (FOI and FIA) but you don’t actually require an endorsement to take the exams. It would be safest just to have them in your logbook anyway.

Checkride Prep

An essential component to this checkride is appearing professional and orderly. There should be no surprises because the Practical Test Standards (PTS) outlines everything that is required. Both the Oral and Flying portion will come from this document.